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Totke for business growth in hindi

Totke for business growth in hindi < Business problem solution with mantra, “If the customer base is reducing or you feel that somebody has done black magic. Do the following ‘totka’- Cut five Yellow Lemons on Sunday & put them into your shop along with a handful of pepper and Yellow mustard seeds. The next Morning when you open the shop, first go to a deserted place away from the shop. And burry all these into a pit. The black magic vanishes immediately after doing this experiment.

On Monday, flowing through water flowing through two fish of silver. There is growth in the trade. On the brightest evening a male with a female parrot. Phele said, “O Parrot, we are liberating you like that. You liberate us from bonds like this. Our trade is very good our house is very happy, then both the parrots Free from hand. Get rid of the recession-if your business has come down or the recession has slowed down do this. Fill 800 grams mustard oil in a clean vial and pour that vial on a pond or flowing river water on Saturday evening. Soon the recession will continue to be affected and your business will come to life.

Totke for business growth in hindi | Business problem solution with mantra

If business is facing unexpected problems, losses in the business or there is a problem due to a partner, then start this measure on the first Thursday of the Shukla party of any month. In the morning, after retiring from the daily routine, establish the entire shrine, Kuber machine in your worship place. After worshiping the pancharopan worshipfully, make a napkin in a clean yellow garment, with 11 nuts, whole turmeric, 11 whole betel nut, 11 Gomti chakra, 11 hole copper coins and 11 fists with turmeric yellow dyed.

Put the bottle in front of the device in your place of worship. Find 21 dosas by adding kukum, saffron and turmeric powder. After that light the ghee lamp and chant Maa Mahalaxmi’s Seed Mantra 108 times. Apply a daily bidding and repeat it 108 times. Regularly do this for 40 days. Put the silver coin in your safe after the end of the pooja. Leave all the material flowing into running water. Businessmen will solve all the problems.

Totke for business growth in hindi | Business problem solution with mantra

In most cases, there is a shortage of money while doing business, due to constant competition, people cut business, and attract customers to themselves, take tantric measures to increase their business, and after doing those Tantric measures, They earn a direct income, but they also ruin their front, and in some days the tactical measures done by them in the days when the effect Or stroll to the center. I am telling you how to remove negative energy from your business site and increase your membership, after using this method, you will start feeling yourself.

On Monday, buy a jeweler’s nail from someone who sells it, and dip it in a clean glass vessel in the open place in the open space on the same day, for those nine days in the open space for the nine days, that is, the same place till next Tuesday. Give it, and on Tuesday evening take the water from the water, take the water from the water on Wednesday, and water the business to the place of business. At all the corners and dark places, place the inside of the casement and the table drawer and sprinkle those nugenes (all three) on your table and put it in front, thus the negative energy of your business space will go out, and positive energy will start coming out. . Keep the nuns safe, so that no one can take them.
Navaratri’s ninth day

Totke for Business Growth In Hindi

Remedies (1): – Take 5 pane leaves and five different sweets together with 5 flowers, 10 camphor, 10 cloves. Mix the leaves and sweets of flowers. Put sweets and flowers on the five leaves of the pan, cut lemons, but both parts should not be separated, each clove of lemon, one clove and camphor. Then burn them later. Put in the river, you will definitely get success in the business.
Remedies (2): – The flowers of five jaggery should be split into 5 loops of different flour and give them to the goddess today, and feed them to the bull (ie bulls) on the day of Dasami today … Yes, you will achieve success Lost love back

Totke for business growth in hindi | Business problem solution with mantra

Before doing new business, new shop or any new work, take five kerosene containers, which can be made of cigarettes. Provide all kilograms of white sesame seeds, kilograms of yellow mustard, kilogram of urad, kilogram of kilograms, and whole kilogram of mustard in each vessel. Cover all the characters with red cloth and cover them with the clay lid and keep these five urn at their business location. Place this urn in your shop throughout the year. The arrival of customers will grow very smoothly and the troubles of business will also be redressed. After one year, roll out these whole characters 11 times on your own and flowing into running water. Fill up your new pots.

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